Australia leads the world in red meat

David Sigston
(Australian Associated Press)


Australians are world leaders when it comes to exporting, and eating, red meat.

An industry report released on Wednesday by the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) sheds light on the value of meat exports to the economy.

The State of the Industry 2017 report, the first of its kind, estimates the industry contributes upwards of $18 billion to the national GDP.

Australia was the largest exporter of beef in 2016, and the second largest exporter of sheepmeat, making it the third-largest livestock exporter overall.

What Australians don’t export, they eat.

The report said Australians consume four times the average amount of beef and six times the amount of sheep compared to the rest of the world.

RMAC independent chair Don Mackay said the industry is an essential part of the Australian economy and culture.

“No industry has a more important place in society than an industry that feeds its people and sustains and improves their way of life.”


* $18bn to the GDP

* 405,000 direct and indirect jobs

* 3rd largest livestock exporter

* World’s largest exporter of beef

* Second largest exporter of sheepmeat


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