Campaign to boost working holidays in Aust

(Australian Associated Press)



* For the year ending June 2016, there were 320,715 working holidaymakers, a 3 per cent decrease from the previous year.

* Working holidaymaker arrivals from Europe dipped steeply over the last year with Ireland down 46 per cent, Italy down 24 per cent, France down 14 per cent and the UK down 9 per cent.

* Working holidaymaker numbers from key Asian markets Korea and Japan recorded growth of 5 per cent and 37 per cent respectively over the last 12 months.

* Working holidaymakers contribute around $2.9 billion to Australia’s visitor economy each year.

* For the year ending June 2016, working holidaymakers spent $3.28 billion in Australia, a 1 per cent increase on last year.

* On average, working holidaymakers spend 158 nights in Australia and spend an average of $10,200 per trip.

* The top three markets for working holidaymakers in terms of spending are the UK, Korea and Ireland.

(Source: Australian government)


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