Treating hypertension into old age lowers dementia risk

20 September

Over-60s who receive treatment for high blood pressure are substantially less likely to develop dementia than those who go untreated, according to a study. Researchers at the University of NSW have found treating hypertension over the age of 60...[Read More]

Stronger botox and filler safeguards on the cards

6 September

There’s a fresh crackdown on advertising and regulations for botox, fillers and other cosmetic procedures. All registered practitioners will be expected to adhere to new rules around treatments and how they are advertised in early 2024, with...[Read More]

Call for public feedback on national autism strategy

6 September

Australia’s first autism strategy is open for feedback as the federal government seeks to improve health, education and employment outcomes for people living with neurodiversity. The National Autism Strategy discussion paper and a guided...[Read More]

5 key ways to live a happier life

31 August

Each person’s journey to happiness is distinct, shaped by personal experiences, values, and desires. While certain factors that impact happiness might be beyond control, such as genetic predispositions or unpredictable life events, a considerable...[Read More]

Wheels in motion to get more children on their bike

30 August

When celebrity fitness coach Michelle Bridges was in primary school, roughly three-quarters of her generation would ride to school in Australia. Now for her seven-year-old son Axel and his contemporaries, it’s one in four. That significant...[Read More]

Microgreens, mature veg may both limit weight: study

23 August

Microgreens and mature vegetables may both be effective for weight control, while the immature plants are also richer in some nutrients, research suggests. Microgreens – older than vegetable sprouts but younger than baby greens – have been...[Read More]

New hope against leading cause of female infertility

16 August

As a teenager, Lorna Berry had struggled with her weight and irregular menstrual cycle but it wasn’t until her twenties that she knew something was wrong. Ms Berry is one of about 500,000 Australian women has been affected by polycystic ovary...[Read More]

Parkinson’s therapy may help chronic heavy drinkers

16 August

A form of therapy used to treat Parkinson’s disease may be able to help dramatically reduce alcohol use among chronic heavy drinkers, research suggests. The study in macaque monkeys found that implanting a specific type of molecule in the brain...[Read More]

Signs your loved one will benefit from living in an aged care home

10 August

Caring for someone in an aged care home can be a challenging and emotional experience, but it’s important to remember that you still have an essential role to play in supporting your loved one’s care. Here are some key points to consider to help...[Read More]

Disability inclusion program levels footy playing field

9 August

D’Arne Finnis was afraid her child could never play footy because of barriers around his disability, but that’s changing thanks to an initiative by the AFL. “I felt as a parent, if I put him in that environment it wouldn’t have been as...[Read More]

Rethinking Wealth: Beyond Money – The Evolving Concept of Prosperity

3 August

In today’s society, the notion of wealth extends beyond financial resources. As individuals seek a more balanced and fulfilling life, the concept of wealth has evolved to encompass various factors such as education, healthcare, job satisfaction,...[Read More]

One drink a day could raise blood pressure: study

2 August

Just one alcoholic drink a day could raise a person’s blood pressure, a new study suggests. While the largest increases were seen among heavy drinkers, the international team of academics were “surprised” to find that drinking at low levels...[Read More]

Aged care task force considers all funding options

26 July

Aged care could require more people to pay for themselves if they can as an expert task force considers funding options to secure the sector’s future. But Aged Care Minister Anika Wells promised no changes would be made without public consultation...[Read More]

Honey from Aussie ant has powerful healing properties

26 July

Honey produced by a little-known Australian ant carries powerful medicinal properties that could be used to fight harmful bacteria and fungi. The honeypot ant, found in the deserts of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, produces a honey...[Read More]

Simple penicillin test could help millions of people

19 July

About two million Australians think they are allergic to penicillin but the true number is closer to just one per cent of the population. Until recently, patients had to have skin scratch tests to see if they would have a bad reaction to the...[Read More]