Hunt for planets around nearest star

(Australian Associated Press) International astronomers in Chile have begun a hunt for an earth-like exoplanet, focusing their efforts on the closest star to the solar system, Proxima Centauri. The La Silla telescope at the European Southern Observatory in...[Read More]

Aust scientists crack crystal conundrum

Sydney (Australian Associated Press) Lightning-quick computing could be just a few years away after an international team of scientists discovered a new way to grow microchip-friendly crystals. Australian, Belgian and Singaporean scientists have used...[Read More]

Beehive inventor wins over TV viewers

Melbourne (Australian Associated Press) A rags-to-riches tale on Australian Story has beaten reality shows The Block and The X Factor in Monday's TV ratings. More than a million viewers tuned in to the ABC program to watch the story of Byron Bay inventor...[Read More]

Fans celebrate Back to The Future day

Sydney (Australian Associated Press) Great Scott! It's the future! The year is 2015: Spielberg is pumping out yet another Jaws sequel, Hoverboards totally exist and all you need to make a cheesy pizza is a Hydrator capable of level four hydration. Back...[Read More]