Fresh push for changes to ‘distorted’ GST system

Victoria is heaping renewed pressure on the federal government to change the GST system as the state faces a $1.4 billion budget shortfall. The Albanese government must make the “no worse off” GST guarantee permanent so states and territories can have financial...[Read More]

We had a responsibility to act on super tax: PM

The prime minister says he had a responsibility to act on making changes to taxes on superannuation, following departmental advice on multimillion-dollar balances. While there had been broad community support for doubling the tax rate for superannuation balances with...[Read More]

Newspoll shows voters approve of super tax plan

A majority of voters approve of the government’s superannuation tax plan but Labor and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese have been marked down, the latest Newspoll shows. The poll conducted for The Australian shows almost two-thirds of voters support Treasurer Jim...[Read More]

Battleground set for changes to superannuation tax

The Liberals will go to the next election pledging to repeal Labor’s plan to increase the tax on high-end superannuation accounts. A new plan revealed by the prime minister and treasurer on Tuesday will double the current tax rate to 30 per cent for balances above $3...[Read More]

Treasurer wants ‘national conversation’ on super taxes

The treasurer wants to start a conversation about the future of superannuation concessions that burden the federal budget, but hasn’t changed his position on tax reform. Jim Chalmers said the government can’t ignore the cost of super tax concessions as the budget...[Read More]

Why is it important to discuss inheritance planning with your family

While most people write wills, very few families discuss inheritance. Parents avoid discussing inheritance planning with their children due to the subject’s sensitivity. However, avoiding the conversation does more harm than good. For example, poor wealth management...[Read More]

Early access to your money

If you are in financial difficulty, you may be able to get early access to a refund from a tax return or activity statement. You may also be able to access your superannuation in certain circumstances. On this page Receive your refund early Access superannuation...[Read More]

Webinars to help your business thrive

There are many online services and digital systems that can help you excel in your business activities and easily manage your tax and super commitments. Join our webinars to find out what systems are available for each area of your business operations and how they can...[Read More]

Are you still using your ABN?

Your ABN may be flagged for cancellation if you haven’t reported business activity in your tax return, or there are no signs of business activity in other lodgments or third-party information. If we identify your ABN as inactive, we’ll contact you by email, letter...[Read More]

Pressure builds to ditch tax cuts in next budget

Welfare advocates are putting a spotlight on the federal government’s planned tax cuts for the wealthy, urging them to be scrapped in favour of lifting the rate of JobSeeker and other support payments. Anglicare Australia has released its submission to the government...[Read More]

Five new year’s tax resolutions

Don’t clean out the garage. Forget that lapsed gym membership. Here are 5 new year’s resolutions to keep if you want to stay on top of your tax and super in 2023. Know if you’re in business or not! Are you earning an increasing income from a hobby? You might...[Read More]

Small business CGT concessions

Small business entities are eligible for a range of tax concessions on capital gains that arise on the disposal of business assets. The concessions, which may be relevant to you, include: 15-year exemption 50% active asset reduction retirement exemption small business...[Read More]

Overview of record-keeping rules for business

You are legally required to keep records of all transactions relating to your tax and superannuation affairs as you start, run, sell, change or close your business, specifically: any documents related to your business’s income and expenses any documents containing...[Read More]

Flood support from ATO

We’re here to support the community during difficult times. If you’ve been affected by floods, we understand that tax is not your number one priority, however we encourage you to lodge when you can. We have a range of support options available to help you if...[Read More]

Top 5 advantages of home ownership

Your decision to purchase a new house is a significant life event, and the thought of becoming a homeowner might be a little intimidating. However, homeownership brings with it several advantages, including the freedom to design your home as you wish, the capacity to...[Read More]