Tesla and Hyundai reveal plans to replace taxi drivers

17 April

Self-driving cars do not get drunk, they do not fall asleep, they do not get distracted by text messages, and experts and manufacturers agree they could be the answer to slashing the road toll. It’s one of the reasons why autonomous vehicles are...[Read More]

X plans to charge new users to post, Musk says

17 April

X is planning to start charging all new users a “small fee” in order to interact with posts, the social media site’s owner Elon Musk says. Replying to an account which had posted about the possible changes, the Tesla and Space X boss said...[Read More]

Volkswagen to test car tech to make kangaroos go jump

10 April

A device designed to prevent kangaroos from jumping in front of vehicles will be tested with moving cars after after receiving approval from a university. The RooBadge device, developed by Volkswagen Australia and the DDB Group in consultation with...[Read More]

NASA to take Aussie plants from the Torrens to the moon

10 April

A diminutive Australian water weed will be one of the first plants grown by humans on the surface of the moon. Researchers from La Trobe University and the University of Adelaide are among a group of scientists that will send duckweed, an aquatic...[Read More]

Social media news removal an ‘abrogation’ of duty

3 April

The plan to start removing traditional media outlets’ news feeds from Facebook and Instagram as of this month was “simply unconscionable”, a government minister said. The decision by Meta, which owns the platforms, to no longer enter deals to...[Read More]

Stronger data protections for voluntary digital IDs

3 April

A single digital ID will make it easier for Australians to verify their identity online and reduce the risk of privacy breaches, a minister says, as new laws clear a major hurdle. Legislation to set up a digital ID scheme passed the Senate on...[Read More]

Work, Wander, and Well-being: Mastering the Art of the Working Holiday

28 March

Taking your business on the road for a working holiday presents an enticing blend of work and leisure, allowing you to explore new destinations while keeping your operations running smoothly.   This concept has gained popularity with the rise of...[Read More]

Bargain, love hunters fleeced for millions of dollars

27 March

Western Australian scam victims have lost more than $20 million in the past year, with people looking for love online and high investment returns losing the most money. All told, 1398 people reported being scammed in 2023 to WA Consumer Protection,...[Read More]

Gas-rich galaxies discovered by Australian astronomers

27 March

Dozens of new space galaxies have been discovered in an international effort led by Australian astronomers. A total of 49 gas-rich galaxies were uncovered in less than three hours by a MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa. The research aimed to...[Read More]

Google under scrutiny in digital platform probe

20 March

Australians’ access to internet search engines, search quality and the increasing use of generative AI will face further scrutiny from the consumer watchdog. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is probing the provision of general...[Read More]

Increased R&D spending to boost economy by $100 billion

20 March

Australia’s economy would receive a $100 billion boost if investment in research and development was increased to three per cent of GDP, the nation’s peak science body says. For more than a decade, Australian funding for research and development...[Read More]

SpaceX launches Aussie satellite with printed solar

13 March

A 270 kg satellite packed with Australian-made technology has launched in the US and could help to keep other local satellites in space. Sydney-based Space Machines Company revealed its Optimus satellite successfully launched in California on...[Read More]

Australian broadband to get a speed boost

6 March

Millions of Australian households will be able to access broadband speeds up to five times as fast by the end of 2024 after NBN Co revealed plans to revamp its offerings. The company behind the National Broadband Network outlined the proposal on...[Read More]

The woman blazing a cosmic trail in Australian science

6 March

Elisabetta Barberio remembers playing on the streets of a remote Italian village as a little girl, her sense of the world unfurling. “I could go around the village and everyone knew me,” the University of Melbourne physicist recalled. “I was...[Read More]

Scam alert: Online dating and investment scams

28 February

Last year, financial criminals stole more than $40 million in fake investments from people in Australia through dating websites and social media. These scammers pretend to a real person who wants a relationship with you, spending weeks or months...[Read More]