How your club went in the AFL trade period

Roger Vaughan and Jason Phelan
(Australian Associated Press)



Ins: Tyson Stengle (Rich) Shane McAdam (Sturt, SANFL, on-trade from Carlton)

Outs: Mitch McGovern (Carl)

Draft order: 8, 13, 16, 21, 73, 83

We say: McGovern joins the annual procession of a notable player (Lever, Dangerfield, Davis, etc) leaving the Crows when the club would have wanted to keep him. Three first-round draft picks help.


Ins: Lachie Neale (Fre) Lincoln McCarthy (Geel) Marcus Adams (WB)

Outs: Sam Mayes (Fre) Dayne Beams (Coll)

Draft order: 18, 30, 35, 56, 78

We say: Didn’t any player worth his salt once want to leave the Lions? One of the biggest wins of the Chris Fagan/David Noble regime is that suddenly, they’re a destination club. But Dayne Beams’ return to Collingwood is one of the biggest moves of the trade period.


Ins: Mitch McGovern (Adel) Will Setterfield (GWS) Alex Fasolo (Coll) Nic Newman (Syd)

Outs: Nathan Kreuger (South Adelaide, SANFL, on-traded to Geelong) Shane McAdam (Sturt, SANFL, on-traded to Adelaide)

Draft order: 1, 69, 71, 77

We say: Steve Silvagni promised they’d be busy and landing McGovern is a plus. There are wraps on McAdam out of Adelaide as well.


Ins: Dayne Beams (Bris) Jordan Roughead (WB)

Outs: Alex Fasolo (Carl)

Draft order: 51, 57, 93

We say: Beams is a big addition and Roughead adds depth, especially to their key defensive stocks. They would have loved to have won the race for Steven May..


Ins: Dylan Shiel (GWS)

Outs: Travis Colyer (Fre)

Draft order: 34, 66, 84

We say: It went down to the last few minutes of trade period, but the Bombers have their man with the Dylan Shiel deal. Colyer is disappointing, but not a disaster.


Ins: Jesse Hogan (Melb) Reece Conca (Rich) Rory Lobb (GWS)

Outs: Lachie Neale (Bris)

Draft order: 14, 31, 43, 65, 81

We say: Losing Neale is a significant blow, but after much negotiating they finally have landed a key forward in the complicated trade that brings Hogan back to his home state.


Ins: Gary Rohan (Syd) Nathan Kreuger (on-traded from Carl) Luke Dahlhaus (WB)

Outs: Jackson Thurlow (Syd) George Horlin-Smith (GC) Lincoln McCarthy (Bris)

Draft order: 12, 50, 59, 60, 70, 87

We say: At his best, Dahlhaus helps, – now can he regain his best form? Overall, it’s an unexciting result for the Cats and it sums up where they are – mid-table and uncertain. As expected, Tim Kelly’s bid to join West Coast failed..


Ins: Jack Hombsch (PA) George Horlin-Smith (Geel) Corey Ellis (Rich) Anthony Miles (Rich)

Outs: Steven May (Melb) Kade Kolodjashnij (Melb) Tom Lynch (Rich) Jack Scrimshaw (Haw) Aaron Hall (NM)

Draft order: 2, 3, 6, 24, 29, 80

We say: Can the last player out of Metricon Stadium please turn off the lights? The only positive is with Lynch and May at least sorted, the Suns can now try to achieve what the Lions have pulled off. But it will be a long haul.



Outs: Dylan Shiel (Ess) Rory Lobb (Fre) Tom Scully (Haw) Will Setterfield (Carl)

Draft order: 9, 11, 19, 25, 52, 89

We say: It’s been called a fire sale. The Giants have salary cap problems and rival clubs have pounced. Lobb and Shiel in particular are significant losses.


Ins: Jack Scrimshaw (GC) Chad Wingard (PA) Tom Scully (GWS)

Outs: Ryan Burton (PA) Taylor Duryea (WB)

Draft order: 53, 90

We say: Once again, the Hawks have sprung surprises and taken big risks. Burton has shown plenty and it’s a big surprise that he’s on his way. If Scully and Wingard return to top form, they will be major additions.


Ins: Steven May (GC) Kade Kolodjnashij (GC) Braydon Preuss (NM)

Outs: Jesse Hogan (Fre) Dom Tyson (NM) Dean Kent (StK)

Draft order: 23, 28, 54, 62, 91

We say: The trade giveth to the Demons defence (May), but taketh away from their attack (Hogan). Tyson and Kent are disappointing losses, but not the end of the world.


Ins: Aaron Hall (GC) Dom Tyson (Melb) Jared Polec (PA) Jasper Pittard (PA)

Outs: Braydon Preuss (Melb) Ryan Clarke (Syd)

Draft order: 42, 47, 48, 49, 55, 58, 86

We say: The Kangaroos have been major players in trade period and while they can’t quite land the big fish (Andrew Gaff this year), they’ve brought in some decent mid-range talent.


Ins: Ryan Burton (Haw) Scott Lycett (WC) Sam Mayes (Bris)

Outs: Chad Wingard (Haw) Jared Polec (NM) Jasper Pittard (NM)

Draft order: 5, 10, 15, 85

We say: Losing Wingard is a major blow, but gaining Burton could be a big plus if he realises his potential. Lycett adds some badly-need ruck depth.


Ins: Tom Lynch (Rich)

Outs: Tyson Stengle (Adel) Corey Ellis (GC) Sam Lloyd (WB) Anthony Miles (GC) Reece Conca (Fre)

Draft order: 17, 37, 64, 68, 74, 92

We say: Lynch plus Jack Riewoldt looms as one of the AFL’s most dangerous forward combinations. If it works out, the Tigers might be unstoppable next year.


Ins: Dan Hannebery (Syd) Dean Kent (Melb)

Outs: Tom Hickey (StK)

Draft order: 4, 36, 46, 67, 79

We say: Despite working hard to lure Shiel, they could not convince him. Hannebery should help, provided he returns to full fitness. Kent will help in attack.


Ins: Ryan Clarke (NM) Jackson Thurlow (Geel)

Outs: Nic Newman (Carl) , Gary Rohan (Geel) Dan Hannebery (StK)

Draft order: 26, 33, 38, 39, 40, 88

We say: The Swans, like their Sydney neighbours, have moved on several players and the perennial finalists are looking like a team at the crossroads.


Ins: Tom Hickey (StK)

Outs: Scott Lycett (PA)

Draft order: 20, 22, 61, 72, 76, 94

We say: The premiers did what was needed. As much as they would have loved to have gained Tim Kelly from Geelong, they kept Andrew Gaff and brought in Hickey for Lycett.


Ins: Sam Lloyd (Rich) Taylor Duryea (Haw)

Outs: Luke Dahlhaus (Geel) Jordan Roughead (Coll) Marcus Adams (Bris)

Draft order:7, 27, 32, 45, 63, 82

We say: What was that about Adams being off-limits? Still, they kept pick No.7. Losing two premiership players hurts, especially Dahlhaus, and they missed out on Chad Wingard.


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