Introducing the Future of Manufacturing [TED Talk Video]


Lighter, stronger, and smarter than ever before—the way we design, manufacture, and build is rapidly changing with emerging technologies. Traditional composite manufacturing techniques are plagued with high cost, low-material yields, long lead times, and expensive capital equipment until now! Forward-thinking, Tyler Alvarado, reveals how Continuous Fiber 3D Printing combines the benefits of additive manufacturing with composite materials to ignite the next Industrial Revolution! As the CEO of Continuous Composites, Tyler is an entrepreneur focused on building and inspiring those around him. Headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Continuous Composites is a rapidly growing tech company in the composites and additive manufacturing industry. Tyler is a licensed CPA and holds a BA & MBA from Washington State University. He is a principal in a long-established engineering firm focused in the Ultra High Vacuum industry. His experience extends from start-ups and early stage financing, to acquisitions and legacy business analysis. Tyler knows a successful business is a reflection of its culture and the well-being of its people and customers – and genuinely emulates this in his leadership. He surrounds himself with high-quality people and continues to learn from those around him. Tyler has extensive experience in manufacturing and believes Continuous Composites’ groundbreaking technology is going to revolutionize manufacturing as we know it today.


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