Jabbed should get the freedoms: survey

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A new survey shows a clear majority of Australians want fully vaccinated people to receive preferential treatment over the unvaccinated.

YouGov, in a survey conducted exclusively for News Corp Australia, interviewed 3114 Australian residents aged 18 and over online between August 20 and 25.

The survey, published in The Australian, found that 45 per cent of people support the right of all employers to demand their workers be vaccinated, while 24 per cent support it only for public-facing jobs.

Just 23 per cent said employers should not compel workers to get the jab.

The survey found almost half (49 per cent) blamed a flawed vaccine rollout for the fact more people have not been vaccinated to this point, while a smaller number (37 per cent) blamed the reluctance of people to get vaccinated.

It also found that 45 per cent of Australians believe the most effective incentive to get vaccinated would be to exempt fully vaccinated Australians from lockdowns.

Two in three people supported a vaccine passport to gain entry to sport venues, cinemas, nightclubs and restaurants. Just one in five people opposed such a move.

Almost two in three people (63 per cent) said borders between states should be reopened only to fully vaccinated people, while just 30 per cent said they should be reopened to both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

The survey found 68 per cent of people supported the resumption of overseas travel for vaccinated people only.

Just 22 per cent of people believed both vaccinated and unvaccinated people should be allowed to travel overseas once the vaccination rollout is complete.


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