Magical world of Spielberg’s BFG revealed

13_Magical world of Spielberg_s BFG revealed

(Australian Associated Press)

Another magical trailer for Steven Spielberg’s movie BFG, based on the Roald Dahl book, has just landed.

In trailer, Sophie, played by 11-year-old Ruby Barnhill, can be seen as she’s rescued from her orphanage and swept up into the world of the Big Friendly Giant.

The Disney movie has all the fantastical elements you would expect from a Dahl book.

The world of the Big Friendly Giant, played by English actor Mark Rylance, is a CGI-created fantasy of upside-down glowing trees and jars of sparkling dreams – a far cry from Sophie’s bleak life in the orphanage.

“Why did you take me?” Sophie asks in the trailer.

“Because I hears your lonely heart,” the BFG answers.

The giant is also shown blowing his dreams into the windows of buildings as he tries to bring magic into children’s lives.

“I’s hearing all the secret whisperings of the world,” he says.

Towards the end of the trailer viewers are given a glimpse of the meaner giants who are menacing the town.

“Sophie, hide,” the BFG directs her.

Dahl originally modelled the character Sophie on his young granddaughter at the time, who has since grown up to become model-turned-celebrity chef, Sophie Dahl.

The film is set for release in July.
View the trailer here:


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