Put organ donation on the Xmas table for discussion

11_Put organ donation on the Xmas table for discussion


(Australian Associated Press)

Australians should talk about organ donations as families gather over the festive season, say doctors.

About 1600 Australians are waiting for a transplant at any given time but Australia ranks low internationally for organ donations.

“Becoming an organ donor can, quite literally, be a lifesaving decision,” says AMA president Professor Brian Owler.

“Just one donor can transform the lives of 10 other people.”

Although willing to become an organ donor, many people fail to register as a donor or discuss their decision with family.

The Christmas holiday season, when families typically get together, was a good time to talk about donations and let others know their wishes, says the AMA.

“Organ and tissue donation will not proceed against the family’s wishes, so it is vitally important that they are fully informed of your intentions.”

Information available at http://www.donatelife.gov.au.


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