Sharing some kind words

We wanted to some feedback from our Feedsy community to find out how we were doing.

Whilst we have individually thanked everybody for their comments, we would like to publicly thank them again as it really makes a difference to us.

We were chuffed by the ratings we were given (out of 10):

  • 10: 67%
  • 9: 25%
  • 8: 8%

And we even received a referral!

Here is a taste of some of the comments we received:

“The newsletters resonate well with my clients”
– Pieter

“Simple, happens without us needing to do anything if we don’t want to or have the time to in any given period”
– Malcom

“Easy to deal with, and flexibility for me to be involved as much or as little as I wish”
– Bruno

“Great support. Easy to contact and work with.”
– Karl

“You are innovative and up to date. Keep on disrupting.”
– Tony

“Very easy to deal with. A quick turn around and always willing to assist.”
– Ken

“Prompt service, good stories and few emails.”
– Barbara

Thanks again everyone for your feedback.


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