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You may be reading this because your business produces and distributes a newsletter in PDF format.

So you are possibly quite proud of how nice it looks when you print it out. You also may trade-off the ‘ease’ of uploading it to your website or email against how it’s not always ideal to read on a laptop.

However, when was the last time you attempted to enjoy a PDF newsletter on an iPhone or Fablet? I may be bold in saying this, but if you were honest with yourself, you would have to admit that it was kind of ordinary.

The thing is, with over 50% of emails being opened on iPhones alone, the days of the PDF Newsletter are well and truly numbered.

The good news is, there is an easy solution.

But first, the bad news…

3 reasons why you should stop using PDFs for your newsletters – right NOW!

1. Reading hell

So as we have already mentioned, your beautifully designed 3 column PDF is useless on a smartphone. After pinching in and out and navigating around the screen like a spy plane just to read the first article would YOU bother exploring the rest of the newsletter?

2. Content is hidden

It is more than likely that to seduce someone into hyperclicking your latest PDF newsletter, your website or email offers a cover image, the Acrobat PDF symbol or even just the title “Edition 23.pdf”. When you think about it, your PDF does a great job of keeping your awesome content hidden and away from view making your articles non-enticing in today’s über visual digital world.

3. A horror to share

When was the last time you discussed the entire episode of a TV show or every headline of the day’s newspaper at the water fountain at work. Never – right? People share moments and snippets that they feel others will enjoy and relate to – not the complete package. Well, PDFs make your content digitally unshareable because it is virtually impossible to single out the article you want.

So, that was the bad news.

The good news is: the solution is simple:

  • Use a blog to post individual articles (which can include videos)
  • Present your articles visually
  • Make it easy for people to share individual articles
  • Share your articles on your own social media channels
  • Compile your articles visually into an email newsletter
  • Link your email articles to view on your blog.

Sounds hard?

Don’t worry, services like Feedsy can do all of the hard work for you – even providing content for some industries


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